BattleSnake AI with Rust: Debugging & Enhancing Performance | coreyja Live Stream


Join Corey on this live stream held on the 1st of January, 2023, as he delves into the intricate world of BattleSnake AI! Watch as Corey painstakingly curates and tunes his snake performance in BattleSnake, an enthralling online multiplayer game. Through Corey's insightful narration, come to understand the underlying mechanics of BattleSnake, and learn how to employ the Monte Carlo tree search algorithm effectively to boost your AI snake performance within the game.

In the session, Corey showcases his snake, affectionately named Irene, and demonstrates the strategic prowess required in different game modes. Watch as he strategically incorporates the Hobbes algorithm into his gameplay to enhance the competitive edge of Irene. Get a glimpse of future developments to expect in the BattleSnake game from Corey's exciting narration of the new tournaments and battlegrounds expected in the New Year.

Discover how to use the Rust tracing library and Honeycomb for logging visualization as Corey works on enhancing crucial debugging features on Irene using these tools. Benefit from his proficiency in Rust as he meticulously adds detailed tracing information to augment the snake performance. In the course of the session, Corey delves into interoperability with open source rules in Python, showcases the integration of Axum web framework with Tower, introduces error reporting with Sentry, and provides insights on CI platforms.

Apart from AI and programming, the session is replete with interaction and knowledge sharing, with Corey answering queries and discussing various topics with his viewers.

Whether you're a budding programmer, an AI enthusiast, or a BattleSnake competitor, this enlightening session is bound to enrich your understanding of BattleSnake AI, Rust programming, and more.

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