Revamping Websites & Validating Images with Rust | live coding session with Coreyja


Join Corey as he dives deep into Rust, updating his personal website and demonstrating how to overcome common coding challenges.

Looking to revamp your website? Curious about Rust or how to handle image validation? You won't want to miss this recorded livestream from May 3, 2023. Corey, known online as coreyja, skilled developer and experienced live coder, provides coding insights while working real-time on his personal website's new version (

This session primarily tackles:

Fear no more about erroneous image paths and validation! Corey presents a step-by-step guide on problem-solving, test implementation, and code organization—all comfortably done in Rust.

Corey also gives a sneak peek into an exciting upcoming Battle Snake tournament—keep an eye out for the grit and glamour of coding competitions!

Stroll through coreyja's coding journey, from fixing compilation errors to making major transformations, all while engaging with a lively coding community. Tune in for knowledge, stay for the fun. Ready to get started?

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