Hands-On with Rust: OpenTelemetry Headers & Web Framework Exploration | Corey's Live Coding Stream


Join Corey for a deep-dive into real-time Rust coding, as he tackles crucial tasks for his blog development. Recorded on 12th July, 2023, Corey shares his processes for working on an interesting array of tasks including the creation of his web framework, refining the outline for his newsletter, resizing images and fixing OpenTelemetry headers.

Immerse in Corey's strategic approaches as he adeptly navigates through conflict resolutions and re-basing, focusing his efforts on manipulating OpenTelemetry headers. Understand how specific headers are updated and included in the span, and witness the addition of new headers in the mix.

In this complex live stream, Corey gets into the nitty-gritty of web server behaviors, dealing with "URL dot things", determining "HTTP version", and configuring "response status code" and "response body size". Explore the different attributes and headers such as "user agent" and "host", along with an intriguing dive into tracing options.

Whether you're a Rust enthusiast or an aspiring web developer, Corey's live coding stream serves as a valuable resource to understand intricate technicalities, problem-solving techniques, and Rust coding in a real-world application.

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