Advent of Code + Rust: Crafting Solutions to Day 10's Maze!

🚀 Challenge Overview Join me, Corey, in this coding stream for Day 10 of the Advent of Code, "Pipe Maze," set on a Floating Metal Island. We're delving into a complex maze of pipes to identify key paths and strategies. 🔍 Data Parsing and Representation We start by parsing the puzzle input in Rust, focusing on a 2D grid representation. Watch as I use Rust's enums and pattern matching to efficiently manage this complex structure. 🧩 Problem Solving Approach We're exploring the maze to find the starting position and understand its layout. I demonstrate Rust's strong type system and ownership model in managing grid positions and connections. ✨ Current Progress and Next Steps We've made significant headway but haven't yet completed the challenge. Stay tuned for the next stream where we'll continue solving the puzzle and attempt to optimize our strategy. 🔗 Check out my GitHub for the full code: 👉 Twitch Channel: 🗨️ Join our Discord community for live discussions and updates: 📌 Stay tuned for more live coding streams, programming puzzles, and tips.

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