Implementing the Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithm with Rust | coreyja Live Stream

Join Corey (coreyja) as he deep-dives into Rust, a robust and efficient multi-paradigm programming language. Recorded on May 15th, 2022, this session showcases Corey's endeavours in implementing and perfecting the Monte Carlo tree search algorithm, a fascinating component in coding theory. The video primarily focuses on addressing and resolving pre-existing bugs, improving the algorithm's performance, and incorporating eye-catching visualizations using the "dot2" crate. Corey enlightens us with his trial-and-error process in choosing the best methods for graph building and rendering. He also shares his struggles and innovative solutions in finding the ideal viewer for the graph files. Furthermore, Corey dives into the realm of continuous integration with Circle CI, exploring ways to make his project more efficient and standardized. He shares candid thoughts about his project's progress and plans for future live streaming sessions. If you are curious about Rust or intrigued by the Monte Carlo tree search algorithm, or just love watching live coding sessions, this video is a must-watch.

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