Rust Syntax Highlighting and Deployments | Corey's Live Coding Session

In this informative live stream recorded on April 19, 2023, Corey, a proficient Rust programmer, works on enhancing his personal website and blog. Watch as he meticulously adds syntax highlighting to his site using the "syntect" crate in Rust and sets up GitHub action workflows for smooth site deployment. Corey also traverses through various code examples, explaining his decisions and interacting actively with his audience. The live stream provides valuable insights into practical coding considerations, including branch protection rules on GitHub and the utility of run screenshots post-deployment. As an added bonus, you'll also get to meet Corey's friendly feline companion. Stay tuned till the end for a sneak peek into Corey's upcoming project, the Snake GPT - a venture centered around the classic game "BattleSnake." Be sure not to miss out on this enlightening live coding session!

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