Building a Multifunctional Chatbot Using Rust: Debugging and Developing Live!

Join an interactive live stream session with Corey, where he works on building an advanced chatbot with a multitude of capabilities employing Rust. Recorded on 13th August 2023, this video follows Corey as he navigates through challenges in programming, dealing with bugs, and unraveling the nuts and bolts of Rust. Incorporating advancements from the Whisper ASR API for speech-to-text and the OpenAI Crate for utilising OpenAI Models, Corey is toiling hard to give his chatbot the power of understanding and responding to the human voice in real-time. The live stream offers a unique practical exploration of various libraries such as Cpal, Hound, Tokyo and Candle, shedding light on concepts like multi-threading, mutex locking, async Rust and more. Watch Corey persevere through hiccups, tackle tricky issues around the I/O directory and dive deep into the whirlpool of machine learning libraries, all while maintaining a lively conversation about this intriguing project. This video is your front-seat ticket to a hands-on practical guide to coding an intelligent chatbot using Rust. Don't miss the chance to learn from Corey's experiences, insights and humorous banter. Get a glimpse into the world of Rust and embark on a journey towards crafting your own AI-powered marvel! #rustprogramming #rust #programming #coreyja #livestream #ai #chatbot #whisper

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