Fixing Battlesnake's Big Bug | Coreyja's Live Coding Session

Ever wondered how to tackle complex bugs in real-world projects? Join Coreyja on his live coding journey (dated June 7, 2023) to uncover and squash a tricky bug in the intriguing BattleSnake project. See how masterfully he navigates through Python to find an unexpected error in the Battle Snake leaderboard's matchmaking system, stirring up his experience with Django and eager to fix the bug. Corey writes a failing test, runs it, deciphers the results, and uses his findings to tackle the problem head-on and even improves on it. Don't miss the continuous process of problem-solving and coreyja's battle with dependencies and failed tests. Join his Discord community, gain exposure to his coding practices, and learn by getting a glimpse into the practical aspect of software development. Watch till the end to know his approach to committing changes, running tests, and preparing a pull request for review. Stay tuned for more live updates on coding and programmer's life from Corey! If you enjoyed this video check out my weekly newsletter at

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