Battle Snake: Mastering Snail Mode and Stacked Hazards with Rust

Join Coreyja in this exciting live stream as we delve deep into the world of Battle Snake. Recorded on February 12, 2023, this live stream takes you through the intricacies of snail mode games, 'fuzz tester' and how we can add hazards to it. Watch as Corey explains the unique rules of snail mode and demonstrates the growth of snakes and the hazardous trails they leave behind. Gain insights into the logic behind spawning hazards, as well as how stacked hazards can revolutionize gameplay. This video is an excellent resource for rust developers and Battle Snake enthusiasts. Witness in real-time how Corey modifies his snake's code to understand stacked hazards better. Learn from Corey's implementation process as he creates a new branch for his snake's code and modifies hazard-related methods. Corey also shares his experiences using the Rust analyzer tool, highlighting its usefulness in generating missing methods and writing code. Experience the thrill of a live coding session where Corey runs multiple simulations, tests changes to the Battle Snake game mode, resolves dependency issues, and refactors code in Rust. And who knows, you may just find yourself roped into future community tournaments. So join the Battle Snake community's lively discussions on Discord and make sure to say 'bye' multiple times before you leave.

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