Snake Sunday Stream: Making a Solo Maze Map in Battlesnake

Battlesnake Snake Sunday Stream - 2022-05-29 Today we worked on making a new Single Player Maze using the new map functionality in Battlesnake! We start by exploring the Map interface a bit, and then we work on generating a maze for our snake to try and solve Chapters: 00:00 - Stream Starting Soon 06:25 - Intro 08:00 - New Map Functionality 15:15 - Creating our own Map 22:15 - Tangent: Installing Golang LSP 26:15 - Back on Track making our own map 33:05 - Finally putting some food on the board 34:35 - Moving the food when its eaten 39:55 - Moving the snake now too 44:30 - Uh-oh time to debug! 56:20 - Time for maze generation finally! 1:08:10 - Randomized Depth First Search by Example 1:15:39 - How about Recursive Division Method instead 1:19:20 - Coding for Recursive Division Method 1:38:00 - One wall down, many to go 1:53:35 - We have our first (kinda) maze! 1:55:08 - Making the maze solve-able 2:23:00 - Diversion: Let's make Frank Wrap 2:29:20 - Back from Break, still wrapping Frank 2:34:30 - Back to Map Generation 2:56:15 - Wrapping Up

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