BYTE SPEAKS!! | Live Coding with coreyja | Voice Transcription and Bot Programming in Rust

Byte says Hello World! Watch till the end to see Byte respond to live chatter questions! Join Corey (aka coreyja online) on his latest live stream, where he successfully builds an interactive bot named Byte that can respond to queries! Watch as Corey moves from using 'candle' to 'whisper-rs' for better performance based on his offline experiments. Track his exciting journey as he leverages threads and channels in Rust to transcribe everything he says in portions, ensuring whenever "Byte" is referenced, that section of the transcript is funneled to ChatGPT. Stick around till the end to see the seamless functioning of this setup, with Byte delivering an impressive stream wrap-up. And better yet, it's all done in Rust! Enjoy the fusion of convenience and technology and level up your coding skills. This is one live coding adventure you don't want to miss out on!

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