Into the Rust Jungle: Live Coding Pexels API Integration and Deployment!

🔗 Connect with Me Twitch Stream: Support My Work: Project Repo: 🚀 Stream Highlights In this engaging coding session, we tackled some exciting milestones for our MoodBoard app: - Integrated with the Pexels API for an abundant image collection. - Redid Database Modeling to account for code evolution - Successfully deployed the app to - Automated CI/CD using GitHub Actions for efficient deployment. 🤔 Why Pexels, Not Pinterest? We initially eyed Pinterest's API, but it was out of reach. Lucky for us, Pexels stepped in with its free and high-quality images. Discover why Pexels was our silver lining! 👨‍💻 Deep Dive into the Code Join me, Corey, as I navigate the intricacies of Rust and Wasm in building our Moodboard app. From database caching to API pagination, I've covered it all. Dive in to see how I transformed ideas into code! 🔧 Tech Breakdown Rust Ecosystem: Leveraging powerful libraries like axum for web framework, sqlx for async database operations, maud for HTML templating, and reqwest for HTTP requests. SQLite Integration: Adding persistence to our app with robust database management. Pexels API Magic: Fetching image collections seamlessly with API integration. Docker & GitHub Actions: Streamlining the deployment process for consistent and reliable updates. 🔜 What's Next? Stay tuned! We've got big plans for user modeling, database enhancements, and a fresh new look for creating moodboards.

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