Building a Battlesnake AI Chatbot with Rust: Semantic Search and Setup | Live Coding Session

Let's dive into the world of Rust coding! Join Coreyja on a live coding journey as he introduces, discusses, and begins the development of an intriguing project: 'Snake GPT'. Recorded on April 2, 2023, this session focuses on integrating artificial intelligence into a game of Battle Snake using Rust and OpenAI technologies. Corey kicks off the project with the phases of semantic search and chat GPT, planning to leverage the OpenAI Embeddings API for content optimization. Watch as he navigates creating a new repo, sets up APIs, and faces challenges with parsing files. Could this project lead to a Discord bot creation? The possibilities are endless! Plus, catch a glimpse of a real-life developer's troubleshooting process, as Corey tackles an issue with the SQLite extension in his Rust project. Don't miss the determination, problem-solving, and a celebration of community growth as he reaches 100 followers on his live stream platform! Tune in for amazing insights, knowledge sharing, and an introduction to the powerful potential of Rust programming.

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