Riveting Rust: Building a GPT Powered Chatbot for Battle Snake | Live Coding Stream with Coreyja

Live Streamed on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/coreyja Join Corey, known as coreyja online, in this engaging live coding stream recorded on April 30, 2023. Dive deep into the Rust programming language as he embarks on an ambitious project to build Snake GPT, a chatbot for the online programming game, Battle Snake. Throughout this video, Corey introduces his project and outlines his goal of creating a web server to effectively control a snake in the competitive online game. Expect an intensive walkthrough of front-end and back-end code, demonstrations of functionalities, and discussions on the tools used. Get an inside look at the trials and tribulations of debugging, fixing a persistent bug in the visual demo of the chatbot, and dealing with compilation errors. Corey engages the audience with his conversation-style approach as he explores the codebase, testing potential solutions and making adjustments live on stream. Particularly interesting is Corey's work with remote procedure calls (RPC) and macros. Discover how he uses macros to generate API codes while maneuvering through the challenges of Rust programming. Corey also introduces the Axum web framework for Rust and shares insights into handling routing manually. This video is a priceless resource for anyone interested in Rust programming, web servers, APIs, or just the nitty-gritty of coding under real-world conditions. Plus, stay tuned till the end for a community tournament announcement for Battle Snake! Experience the process, the problem-solving, the progress - all in a day’s work of coding with Coreyja! [Description generated by GPT4 from Audio Transcript]

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