coreyja Live Stream | Coding an AI Chatbot in Rust! (ft. Whisper, ChatGPT, and More)

What's up coders! Join me, Corey, as I continue building my AI chatbot, Byte, in Rust! We ran into some pesky audio buffering issues with Whisper at first, but managed to squash those bugs and get Byte listening to me again. Next up, we added a sweet nickname feature so Byte can address viewers by their preferred names, and hooked it up to a Postgres database. Then Byte got a major upgrade - now it can respond to your messages in Twitch chat using ChatGPT! Pretty neat right? Stick around til the end where we discuss plans for connecting Byte to the Twitch API. More polls, rewards, and integrations coming soon! Will Byte become the ultimate Twitch companion? There's only one way to find out...smash that subscribe button and stay tuned for more Byte updates!

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