Exploring Battle Snake Game Analytics with Sherlock: A Rust Built Tool by Coreyja

In this fascinating live stream from July 10, 2022, Coreyja gives an in-depth introduction and demonstration of Sherlock, a unique tool developed to analyze the game-play of Battle Snake. Together we dive into the nitty-gritty of this innovative investigation tool that helps identify game-changing turns and decision points. From providing an overview of the game space to showing how the tool identifies critical turns that could markedly alter the outcome of the game, this session takes you on an enlightening journey. Coreyja also analyzes a game in real time using Sherlock and discusses the tool's accuracy as well as potential enhancements. Software nerds and avid gamers will enjoy Corey's insights on using graph visualization to debug and understand the game tree. Learn how he uses this potent visualization tool to decipher the game's complex navigation! What's more? Corey demostrates how to run Sherlock and view these fascinating game tree visualizations. If you are a Rust enthusiast, you're in luck. Get a deeper understanding of how Coreyja built this tool using the Rust language. Don't miss out on the chance to expand your knowledge on game analytics and Rust. Tune in to this insightful live stream session by Coreyja!

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