Game Developer Insights: Squashing Bugs & Trailblazing with Rust - Live Stream Recap

Delve into the exciting world of game development as we deep-dive into a Rust-code game project! Recorded on July 24, 2022, this captivating live stream features two skilled developers, Corey and his guest, exploring various complex aspects of game creation while solving real-time issues on live interaction with their audience. In this session, they unravel intricacies of Battle Snake, discuss the ideas of a new game mode dubbed "Snail Trail," and ponder over the strategies for their own Battle Snakes. They also analyze the Platinum tournament's gameplay and tactics, further discussing game dynamics with elements like stackable hazards and food spawns in intriguing detail! Technical challenges don't miss out on adding to the thrill, as they troubleshoot issues and consider fixes for the project in the works. They also cover intriguing topics like hash functions and hash maps and plan for multi-threading. The session concludes with a switch to an intense discussion on the Snail Trail mode. Engage with this live-stream recap to gain insight into the coding process, the art of troubleshooting, game strategy building, and much more! Join us in this programming adventure and learn how to enhance your game with Corey, aka coreyja online.

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