Unraveling Game Logic and Debugging with Rust | Epic Live Coding Session

In this video recorded on January 22, 2023, witness as Coreyja takes you on an enthralling journey of game logic and debugging using Rust. Understand the intricacies of bug fixing, feature additions, and performance testing in real-time. Watch as coreyja masterfully uses tools like Clippy and Cargo and merges development branches ensuring flawless code integrity. Get inside a developer's brain as they discuss their release process and note-taking methods. But that's not all! Corey also switches gears to a new project revamping a text editor, pushing changes, and testing on the fly. Be a part of his interactive session as he engages with viewers and crowd sources the solution to real coding problems. Towards the end, learn the nuances of using git, explore how to utilize the git tag command for effective version control, and witness the practical challenges (and solutions!) in adding code to a project. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from a real coder working on live projects. Remember, there's something for everyone, from the git-curious beginners to Rust experts. Time to get your geek on!

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