Rust Web App Development with Tailwind CSS: Live Coding Tips & Troubleshooting

Join Corey as he navigates the development of a web app using Rust and Tailwind CSS. Recorded live on March 15, 2023, this video showcases a deep dive into Rust programming, tailoring the app's aesthetics using Tailwind CSS, and integrating libraries such as sqlx and Axum. Corey's journey includes setting up a project from scratch, grappling with terminal and configuration issues, and finely tuning the app's design. Watch him create website headers, organise code, and add a dash of style to navigation links, all while unfolding the intricacies of using templates. Not just coding, this video also offers insights on project licensing, logo addition, and the deployment process involving GitHub and CircleCI. Corey runs into a server bug, sparking a discussion about the reliability of CircleCI versus GitHub Actions. Don't miss out on witnessing real-world problem-solving and decision-making processes that are a central part of app development. Stay till the end for an announcement about the upcoming Battle Snake community tournament as Corey wraps up this informative coding session. Immerse yourself in the world of Rust and Tailwind CSS and elevate your web development skills with Corey!

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