Rust in Action: UpGuardian Project Development Stream

🚀 Introduction Welcome to Corey's live stream, where we delve into the fascinating world of web development with a focus on Rust. Today, we're making progress on our project, UpGuardian, re-branding from Status. Dive into the world of Leptos, a cutting-edge, fully-typed Rust web framework, as we add new server functions and explore state management. 🛠 Project Focus Our primary goal is to integrate the Leptos framework into UpGuardian, enhancing our server-client communication. Experience the challenges and triumphs of web development as we navigate through code, debug, and implement new features live. 💡 Highlights and Learning Points Detailed exploration of Leptos for Rust: Understand its benefits and how it fits into UpGuardian. Real-time coding: From setting up the environment to intricate server function coding. UI Enhancements: Adaptability and responsiveness, focusing on a sidebar that adjusts to mobile views. Authentication and Routing: Tackling authentication flows and setting up routes with Leptos. Debugging and Problem Solving: Watch as Corey troubleshoots and overcomes coding hurdles. 🎓 Educational Takeaways Leptos Framework: An in-depth look at using Leptos for full-stack Rust web development. Rust in Web Development: Practical applications and benefits of Rust in a web project. 💌 Stay Connected Don't miss out on future streams, project updates, and insightful posts. Sign up for Corey's newsletter and follow the journey of UpGuardian and other exciting projects.

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