Web Development Insights: Building 'Status' from Scratch

🚀 Introduction: Join Corey in this exciting stream as he develops "Status", a cutting-edge uptime tracker. Learn about the project's setup and design philosophy using Tailwind CSS. 💻 Building with Tailwind: Dive into the nuances of Tailwind CSS, from installation to configuring components. Watch as Corey expertly integrates UI elements to craft an intuitive interface. 🔧 Live Coding & Debugging: Experience the thrill of live coding! Corey tackles real-time challenges in coding, including dynamic content rendering, responsive design, and troubleshooting. 🔚 Wrap-Up: Corey reviews the progress made on "Status" and outlines the next steps. Don't miss these valuable insights into web development! 🔗 Links Tailwind CSS: https://tailwindcss.com/ Tailwind UI: https://tailwindui.com/ axum: https://docs.rs/axum/latest/axum/

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