Crafting a Designer's Feedback Tool with SQLite and Rust | Live Coding

🚀 What to Expect This Stream: Catch the playback where we dive deep into backend development with SQLite and Rust, refine the logic for capturing client feedback, and start paving the path for future features. If you're curious about real-world application development or want to see Rust in action, this is your go-to session! 🔨 What We Are Building: Step into the world of digital design collaboration! We're fine-tuning an app that's all about aligning the visions of designers and clients. This isn't just any app; it's a tool that takes two Pinterest boards - one with liked themes and one with disliked - and merges them into a single, streamlined feedback loop. Watch as we enable designers to send a link to their clients, who will be greeted with a random image to rate, ensuring every choice is a step closer to the perfect mood board. 👩‍💻 Tech Talk: Join us as we dissect our progress, from WASM front-end wizardry to Rust modules that will make our code cleaner and more efficient. It's a full-stack adventure with plenty of teachable moments and coding tips! 🌐 Next Steps: Looking ahead, we're gearing up for some heavy lifting with user modeling, authentication features, the Pinterest API, and the exciting moment of going live with our app. There's a lot on the horizon, and we're just getting started!

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