Advent of Code Transformation: From Slow Brute Force to Fast, Refined Code! - Live Coding

🚀 Challenge Overview Join us in this exciting coding stream as we dive into Day 5 of the Advent of Code, titled "If You Give a Seed a Fertilizer." This intricate puzzle involves a complex mapping problem linking seeds, soil, fertilizer, water, light, temperature, humidity, and locations. Watch how we unravel this challenge by finding the lowest location number for given seed numbers. 🔍 Parsing and Structuring Data Explore our approach to parsing the puzzle's input using Rust. We delve into structuring the input data by implementing structs for various components and writing functions for efficient data parsing. See firsthand how Rust's language features like iterators and map functions enhance our coding process. 🧩 Implementing a Solution Witness the implementation of a solution for this two-part puzzle. The first part involves dealing with individual seed values, while the second introduces seed ranges, requiring a significant alteration in our logic. We showcase the use of generics and traits to accommodate these changes seamlessly. ✨ Optimizing the Solution Discover how we initially tackle the challenge with a brute-force method and then pivot to a more optimized approach. By identifying key 'important points' in the data, we significantly reduce the problem space, leading to a faster and more efficient solution. 🔗 Full code on GitHub: 👉 Follow my Twitch Channel: 🗨️ Join the discussion in our Discord community: 📌 Stay connected for more live coding streams, programming puzzles, and valuable coding tips.

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