Predicted AoC Day 1 Would Be Effortless? Guess Again! 'Trebuchet' Puzzle Adventure

Dive into the unexpected complexity of the Advent of Code Day 1 challenge with me in this thrilling live stream, where we tackle the 'Trebuchet' puzzle. If you predicted this would be an effortless start to the coding adventure, you're in for a surprise! In this stream, we start off confidently, but soon find ourselves navigating through the intricacies of ASCII digits and text versions in the puzzle. Witness the real-time problem-solving and debugging as we face an intriguing bug - dealing with repeated numbers that we initially overlooked. 🔗 Check out my GitHub for the full code: 🔔 Don't miss out on more! I'm streaming the entire Advent of Code on my Twitch channel. Hit subscribe and turn on notifications to catch every twist and turn in this coding journey. 👉 Twitch Channel: 📌 Stay tuned for more live coding streams, programming puzzles, and tips. #AdventOfCode #CodingChallenge #LiveCoding #ProgrammingPuzzles #Debugging

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