3-Hour Challenge Accepted! Insane Halloween Game Build with Bunβ€”While Dressed as Jack Skellington!

In this video, I code an entire playable Halloween-themed "choose your own adventure" game from scratch in just 3 hours - all while dressed up in a full Jack Skellington costume and makeup! πŸ’€ πŸ‘‰ What to Expect Watch me build the game live on stream, going through the full development process from idea to working prototype. 🎨 Why a Choose Your Own Adventure Game? It's a unique idea that fits the Halloween theme! And building it myself lets me take viewers along for a fun coding journey. πŸ›  Technical Highlights The project uses TypeScript, React, Bun, OpenAI and more. Key moments include setting up React and Tailwind CSS, building the Bun back-end, integrating OpenAI for story generation, adding voting functionality, and deploying the final game. Play the game we made here and vote with everyone else to choose your own adventure! https://halloween.coreyja.com/ The video ends with me and viewers playing through the finished game together and making choices to see where the story goes! Don't miss the hilarious twist ending. πŸ˜‚ So if you want to see an entertaining coding challenge and learn about building a complex web app in record time, this video is for you! Smash the like button and consider subscribing for more coding tutorials and project videos.

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