Behind the Scenes: Crafting a Modern Web App with Rust and Leptos!

Dive into the latest stream where Corey unveils the magic behind integrating the Status uptime monitoring app with Leptos, a cutting-edge Rust framework. 🚀 🔧 Discover how we tackled WASM errors, mastered server functions, and brought dynamic sidebars to life. This session is packed with Rust web development insights, live coding adventures, and interactive Q&A. Don't miss out on the journey to enhance web responsiveness and functionality with Rust and Leptos! 👨‍💻 Code Walkthrough: Explore the step-by-step process of adding sidebar functionality, server-side data fetching, and the power of Leptos Query for state management. 🛠 Debugging Session: Witness real-time problem-solving as we tackle environment variables, the want for WASM source maps, and integrate frontend components with backend logic. 💡 Interactive Learning: Get your questions answered live and deepen your understanding of Rust and Leptos. 🔗 Future Endeavors: Catch a glimpse of what's next for dynamic sidebars and server functions development. Support the journey towards innovative web development: GitHub Sponsors: YouTube: Twitch: Blog: Stay tuned for more coding adventures with Corey! Todays Stream Links: Leptos: Leptos Query:

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