Rust Programming: Removing Background from Videos Using AI | Coreyja Live Stream

Twitch: Join Corey as he explores the technical facets of background removal in videos using Rust and an AI model, U2net, on his live stream recording from July 19, 2023. In this stream walkthrough, you'll get to learn how he implemented the model for images, the challenges with hardware acceleration, and his venture into making it work for videos. From understanding portrait videos to the concept of blurring backgrounds for a more natural look, Corey discusses and experiments with different settings and optimizing his code. Additionally, dive into his experiment with FFmpeg to cut down lengthy videos to a crisp 5-minute version, and a potential translation of the project into a blog post. Participate in the roadblocks and success he encounters while searching for a Rust library for FFmpeg, and learn how to leverage the 'Command' type from the 'std::process' module in Rust. Further into the stream, Corey delves into advanced image processing techniques in Rust, including parallel processing to improve program speed, managing file size restriction, and planning further enhancements to the project. Learn, code, and innovate along with Coreyja in this comprehensive Rust programming journey. [Description generated by GPT4 from Audio Transcript] Check out my blog at And sign up for my newsletter there too!

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