Watch Rust Tame the Wild Camel Card Puzzle | Live Coding

🎮 Introduction Hey everyone, I'm Corey. Join me as we tackle day seven of Advent of Code, a series of programming puzzles released daily in December. We're coding in Rust today, so buckle up for some fun challenges! 🧩 Puzzle Explanation Today's puzzle, 'Camel Cards', is a unique take on poker played on camelback in the Advent of Code universe. The goal is to order hands of cards based on their strength and calculate total winnings. It's a quirky yet engaging problem that really tests your sorting and ranking skills. 💻 Coding Session Dive into the coding action as I parse through the problem, structuring data and algorithms in Rust. Watch how I approach ranking the different hands of cards, and adapting to the part 2 surprises. 🤔 Problem Solving & Debugging Experience the real-world process of coding as I encounter and resolve bugs. It's a great learning opportunity to see how problems are tackled and solutions are iterated upon. 🔍 Refactoring Insights See how I refine and optimize the code for better performance and readability. I discuss why and how certain changes are made, offering valuable insights into code optimization. 👋 Conclusion Wrapping up the session with key takeaways and a quick recap of what we've achieved. Don't forget to check out my website, socials, and more content on GitHub, Twitch, and YouTube. 🔗 Full code on GitHub: 👉 Follow my Twitch Channel: 🗨️ Join our Discord community: 📌 Stay tuned for more live coding streams, insightful programming challenges, and practical coding tips.

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