Hacking the Cache: Level Up Your Admin Dashboard Security with Rust! | Live Coding

🔐 Join Corey in his latest coding adventure where he supercharges "caje," his custom-built CDN caching proxy, with top-notch security features! 🚀 In this stream, we dive deep into enhancing the administrative dashboard of "caje." Get ready to witness Corey's masterful coding as he: 🧑‍💻 Constructs a robust sessions table in the SQLite database, linking session IDs to admin accounts. 🖥️ Develops sleek browser-facing UI endpoints for seamless login and logout, using cookies for smart session management. 🛠️ Adds handy UI buttons for admin superpowers like cache control, all secured behind authentication barriers. 🚨 Ensures critical admin endpoints like /cache/list demand an authenticated session for access. 🕵️‍♂️ Explores the realms of passkey authentication with Rust's WebAuthNRS crate, tackling client vs server-side implementations. 🔑 Sets up a secure admin password environment variable for additional security layers. Corey's mission? To fortify the admin dashboard, locking it down with session-based authentication, encrypted cookies, and a database-backed session store. Although he faced challenges with passkey auth documentation and libraries, the journey towards a more secure "caje" is on! 👨‍💻 Whether you're a Rust enthusiast or a security aficionado, this stream is a treasure trove of insights and practical know-how. So grab your gear and let's code our way to a safer, smarter admin dashboard with Corey! 🌐💻 📌 Missed the previous episodes? No worries! Check them out to see how "caje" evolved into this security fortress!

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