Revamping a Website with Rust: Live Coding Session

Join Corey as he delves into Rust web development, overcoming obstacles and enhancing his blog and personal website. Recorded on April 26, 2023. In this engaging live stream, Corey works on several significant updates for his Rust-powered blog and website: redesigning the blog post display and the addition of a new footer. Corey and his UX designer wife partner on this project, giving viewers an immersive experience of teamwork and the melding of two distinct yet complementary skills. This session emphasizes the use of Rust macros for writing HTML, though Corey encounters unexpected issues. This near real-time debugging of macros and the successful workaround brings a spark of victory to the session. Viewers can also look forward to a discussion on Corey's Discord bot project and his new venture of creating a video course on developing a Rust-based web framework. He also touches on the use of Tailwind CSS to make styling enhancements to elements on the blog. Corey shares his struggles and how he overcomes them, providing commentary on the quirks of the recompile loop, and even PHP and cross platform obfuscation. Furthermore, Corey talks about his interests in game development, his experiences with different paths people take to learn programming, and also shares his future stream plans. Watch as Corey seamlessly integrates commentary, education, and entertainment in this live stream of a day in the life of a Rust developer.

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