Gear Ratios Gridlock: Solving Day 3 of Advent of Code

🚀 Challenge Overview Join us for an exciting coding stream where we dive into Day 3 of the Advent of Code titled "Gear Ratios". This session features one of the 'classic' grid problems that are a staple in Advent of Code challenges. Witness how we approach the problem, parse the data, and strategize to find the most efficient solution. 🔍 Debugging the Unexpected Experience the highs and lows of coding as we encounter an unforeseen edge case - a twist not present in the sample problem. Delve into our debugging process, where we identify and solve the critical issue of numbers at the end of a line being overlooked. This section highlights the importance of attention to detail in coding challenges. 🧩 Solving the Grid Puzzle Learn how we tackle the core of the challenge: finding numbers in the grid adjacent to symbols. This part of the stream is packed with tips and tricks for grid-based problem-solving, showcasing our methodical approach to parsing and manipulating data structures. ✨ Seamless Transition to Part 2 After the hurdles of Part 1, watch how we smoothly transition into Part 2. With the insights gained from the first part, we find that the second part of the challenge aligns neatly with our established logic. This segment demonstrates the beauty of problem-solving and how one solution can pave the way for the next. 🔗 Check out my GitHub for the full code: 👉 Twitch Channel: 🗨️ Join our Discord community for live discussions and updates: 📌 Stay tuned for more live coding streams, programming puzzles, and tips.

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