Integrating Leptos, Rust's Modern Web Development Framework, into my uptime tracker

πŸš€ Introduction Join Corey in this latest stream where he embarks on enhancing "Status", an uptime tracker. Discover how the project evolves with a focus on utilizing Tailwind CSS for a sleek design, and get a primer on the transition towards a more interactive, Rust-powered web application using the Leptos framework. πŸ’» Building with Tailwind & Leptos Corey takes a deep dive into the world of Tailwind CSS, detailing its setup and component configuration, and introduces Leptosβ€”a Rust framework that enables server-side rendering and interactive client-side functionality without JavaScript. Learn how these technologies synergize to create a responsive and intuitive user interface. πŸ”§ Live Coding & Debugging with Rust: Witness the excitement of live coding as Corey navigates through the complexities of Rust web development. He tackles challenges such as dynamic content rendering, ensuring responsive design, and debugging with a focus on leveraging Leptos for a seamless development experience. πŸ”š Wrap-Up & Future Directions Concluding the stream, Corey reflects on the progress made in integrating Leptos into "Status" and discusses the next steps for the project. This session is packed with insights for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of web development using Rust and Tailwind CSS. πŸ”— Links & Resources: Leptos: axum: Tailwind CSS:

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