🔐 Rust Magic Unleashed: Single Sign-On Authentication with JWTs! | Live Coding with Corey

Links: Watch me Live on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/coreyja Blog Source Code: https://github.com/coreyja/coreyja.com 🚀 Launching the Mission: Dive into the world of Rust with Corey as he sets out to integrate GitHub authentication into his blog. But there's a twist - he's not just stopping there! 🔗 Connecting the Dots: Watch as Corey demonstrates a SSO connection between his blog and a status app. It's a barebones setup, but the stage is set for something bigger - a unified authentication system across multiple side projects! 🔑 Key to Success: The plot thickens with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and public/private key authentication. Corey showcases his skill, generating key pairs, and implementing a secure environment with public keys in the blog's repo and private keys on fly.io. 🛠️ Building Blocks: Witness the creation of a custom binary tool designed by Corey to generate keys and configure new apps with ease, adding a new layer of innovation to the project. 🔒 Securing the Connection: The action heats up as Corey integrates JWT creation and validation into both the status app and the blog. Experience the thrill of overcoming encoding obstacles and achieving a seamless end-to-end login with validated JWTs! 📈 Refining the Masterpiece: In the final act, Corey elevates his project, refactoring code, and discussing future improvements like extracting functionality into a crate, and adding advanced features like request expiration. 🌟 The Grand Finale: Behold the culmination of Corey's efforts - a robust, secure, single sign-on authentication system. This system links his blog to various apps, all secured with signed JSON web tokens and public/private key pairs. This episode is a Rust enthusiast's dream, filled with insights, challenges, and triumphs. Don't miss this extraordinary journey into the world of Rust and secure authentication! 🌐💻🔥

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