Live Coding Rust: Creating a News and Weather App for Remote Teams

Live Streamed on Twitch at Recorded on October 25, 2022, join Corey as he works on his team-focused app - Peak, using Rust. This live-coding session includes writing tests for adding team members, creating custom commands using Cypress, and a walk-through of his problem-solving process as he encounters and fixes a challenging bug. Corey also discusses user interface design choices, data modeling, and user authentication. He even shows how he uses Xcode command line tools to fix an issue. This livestream series is a must-watch for any developer interested in Rust and app development. Brush up on your code testing, find out about GitHub Copilot for writing SQL code, and see how to use Rust, Axum, and SQLx to display dynamic data on a homepage. [Description generated by GPT4 from Audio Transcript]

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