These Three Processes are all you Need

In this video, I delve into my go-to architecture for web app development, which is both simple and scalable. It's centered around three key processes: server, worker, and cron, along with a queue system. This architecture is not only efficient but also highly adaptable to various use cases. 👨‍💻 The Server process handles web requests, ensuring speedy responses for an optimal user experience. 🛠 The Worker process manages a queue of jobs, executing them in a priority-based or first-in-first-out order, ensuring tasks like email sending post-sign-up are completed without delay. 📅 The Cron process schedules jobs, placing them in the queue based on specific intervals or times. This architecture excels in horizontal scalability, allowing you to independently scale server and worker processes based on web traffic and job volume. The Cron process typically doesn't need scaling, but I offer tips for doing so if necessary. Discover the benefits of this three-pillar approach, including different durability guarantees and ease of management. It's a versatile setup that fits nearly every web app project and simplifies future decision-making. 🔗 Follow my journey as I implement these processes for my site from scratch. For updates, subscribe to my newsletter at and join our community on Discord. 👍 Enjoyed the video? Like, subscribe for more content, and consider supporting my work on GitHub Sponsors. Stay tuned for more insights and let's keep learning together! #webdevelopment #softwarearchitecture #techtalks

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