Rust Coding and Debugging: Snake GPT Chatbot for Battle Snake | Live Stream

Live Streamed on Twitch at In this live stream recording from May 21, 2023, dive into advanced Rust development with Corey as he walks us through his latest project - Snake GPT, a Rust-driven chatbot for Battle Snake. Corey gives an in-depth explanation on how he uses semantic search and chat GPT to generate natural-language responses based on the Battle Snake documentation. Corey dives into the intricacies of setting up a JSON-based RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework and wrestles with route parameter extraction and debugging issues in real-time, offering valuable insights into real-world coding scenarios. Get inspired by Corey's decision to tackle the front end, his background in web development, and his aspirations towards game development. Regardless of whether you are a Rust novice or a seasoned expert , there’s plenty to learn from Corey's struggles and triumphs in this video. Catch a glimpse of his thoughts on Apple Silicon, Windows usage for Linux distribution, gaming on Linux and see how he deals with threading safety issues in Rust RPC code, and his experience with Overmind, a proc file manager with Tmux integration. Throughout the stream, Corey keeps it interactive by discussing various other topics with viewers, such as time zones, popular communication platforms, and libraries used in game development, making it all the more engaging. With loads of coding, debugging, and learning packed in one video, this live stream recording is worth watching for everyone interested in Rust and bot development. Tune in to enjoy a typical day in a coder's world!

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