Crafting a Rust-Powered Blog: Design, Coding and Launch Preparation | Live Stream with Corey

Live Streamed on Twitch at Join me, Corey, for an informative and interactive live stream session recorded on June 21, 2023 as I put finishing touches on my exciting Rust-powered blog and prepare for its launch. Watch as I delve into web development techniques, demonstrating my process using Figma for logo design, adjusting code for enhanced aesthetics, and tackling layout improvements. Witness real-time problem-solving as I work through issues with Font Awesome files and share insights into implementing CSS kits. Stay tuned till the end as I compare the new website version with the old one, evaluate changes, and gear up for the big launch. Follow along to pick up valuable tips for your own coding projects! Check out the finished blog at [Description generated from audio transcript with ChatGPT]

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