Revamping My Blog & Launching a Newsletter with Rust | Live Coding Session with coreyja

Live Streamed on Twitch at Join coreyja as he brings you behind the scenes in revamping his personal blog and preparing to launch a newsletter, all coded in Rust. Recorded on July 9, 2023, this thrilling live stream coding session will not only showcase Corey's knack for coding, but also his development process, from setting up environments, creating a pull request, to discussing design and layout choices for the blog's updates. Witness as Corey transforms his thoughts into actions, plans his upcoming Rust introductory course, teases his upcoming talk at Rust Comp and outlines key content for his newsletter page. Which includes a mix of project status updates, new learning, experience with new tools, and potential sponsored posts. An excellent resource for aspiring developers and anyone interested in understanding the real-time process of coding a blog and starting a newsletter.

coreyja weekly

My weekly newsletter tailored at developers who are eager to grow with me!
Every week will be unique, but expect topics focusing around Web Development and Rust