Boosting Website Performance with Rust and Lazy Loading | Corey's Live Coding Session

Live Streamed on Twitch at Join Corey as he dives deep into Rust development, working on his website, and implementing features such as lazy loading for optimized user experience. Check out the changes of a website built in Rust, right from refactoring the homepage to adding new sections. This session was recorded live on June 11, 2023. Corey's project is a personal weblog built on Rust, featuring a new interesting aspect - "Today I Learned". Stay hooked to understand the step-by-step process of making posts clickable, loading content dynamically, and setting up unique routes. Witness the fascinating journey of creating new posts through an automated script and setting up a "slug". Move on to an enlightening discussion about lazy loading images, the benefits it endows on users and its impact on reducing server load. Corey also shares his plans to document the entire lazy-loading implementation process. Catch the live-decoding session, including the successful resolving of issues related to static asset serving using the Axum web framework in Rust. Towards the end, Corey gears up for a peer review and project deployment. Join Corey's coding journey in Rust and take away some practical coding tips and strategies! Don't miss out on insightful viewer comments and interactions, which adds value to this session. [Description generated from audio transcript by GPT4]

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