Monte Carlo Visualizations with Rust: Insights, Errors, and Fixes

Dive into the fascinating world of Monte Carlo Visualizations coded with Rust in a relaxed and casual coding stream recorded on 15 January 2023. Join Corey as he troubleshoots his project "Irene", a Battle Snake snake AI, revealing layers of complexities through graph end-point visualizations and SVG files generation. Discover hidden features, encounter unexpected errors, and follow through as Corey wrestles with each issue, leveraging libraries for web development and exploring the Tauri and Yew frameworks. Learn how algorithm implementation can potentially affect desired results, with a focus on UCB1 algorithm in this case. This video is perfect for software enthusiasts looking at potential roadblocks and practical solutions while coding complex algorithms - an enigmatic journey from a peculiar error to its fix. Don't forget to catch other exciting projects on Corey's channel and join the conversations happening live at his Discord or GitHub profiles.

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