Improving Blog Performance: Rust-Based Image Optimization and Caching | Coding with Coreyja

Live Streamed on Twitch at Join Coreyja as he demystifies the process of image optimization in Rust, implementing caching for improved blog performance. This engaging live stream was recorded on the 28th of June, 2023. In this video, Coreyja takes you on a coding journey through a Rust-based blog project, focusing on the process of image optimization and caching. He delves into the intricacies of resizing images to reduce load lag and enhancing page speeds through caching. With the goal of loading images efficiently, he explores the use of image and cacache crates, constructing an effective key lookup system. Despite a few syntax snafus, Coreyja perseveres, providing insights into problem-solving and debugging techniques. If you're looking for in-depth exploration of Rust, from modifying configurations to understanding version differences, this is an invaluable watch. Listen as Coreyja talks through his code, making live adjustments for optimization and fixing unseen errors, injecting fun into coding along the way. Enjoy this deep dive into the Rust programming language and take away critical image optimization and caching strategies for your projects.

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